The Meating Place store front in Austintown, Ohio.

Pride of Our Meat

Our meat is fresh from local farms and the turkey for Thanksgiving is Amish raised right around the corner in East Pennsylvania. We want to make sure you get the meat we would want to eat.

When The Meating Place opened back on July 4th 1981 we had one goal in mind, to provide our neighbors with fresh high quality meats. Our employees seek to know you on a first name basis and help with selecting the best beef, pork, or poultry for a week night dinner or the main dish at your next celebration.

We at The Meating Place also provide a variety of cooked foods that customers can order for future events.

We welcome you to come experience our fresh meats and our great customer service.

Our Current In Store Specials

Cooked Foods

Call ahead or order in advance.

  • Half Ham Baked & Sliced
  • Whole Ham Baked & Sliced
  • 8 lb. Roast Beef Baked & Sliced
  • 5 lb. Sausage with Peppers & Onions
  • 10 lb. Sausage with Peppers & Onions
  • Rigatoni Meatballs
    • Half Pan
    • Full Pan
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Parsley Potatoes
    • Half Pan
    • Full Pan

Our Meat